Is Your Education Worth The Money ?


This is how I feel about my education, 6 years of elementary school, 3 years of middle school, 3 years of high school, and currently on my 1st year 2nd semester of 4 years in university.

The conclusion of my education is, I know nothing about life.

Right now, I’m preparing to move from my dorm to an apartment in downtown, because the dorm that i live in only allow 1st year students. This fall, i will be a 2nd year and kicked out from my dorm room.

From May to June,

I kept looking for some place, but i didn’t know what to chose or how to look at a house. I wonder, even if i got a perfect GPA, I’m in trouble for not getting a good place to live because I had no idea how to look for house. And don’t even mention the language barrier and rules for foreigners.

In the middle of June,

I finally found a nice apartment, using my instinct, hours of google search, and youtube videos, I decided that, this is the right place. But i’m so frustrated about moving out procedures and documents, going to guarantor company, going to leasing company, and the house agents are not really cooperative. And gosh! I wish my parents can be the guarantor and  do everything for me, then I can just move my stuff to my new place.

In the last week of June,

I’m looking for furniture, budgeting, packing, because next month I will move out. I was really happy to go to IKEA and point at stuff, listing it, I want this I want that, I want to decorate my room. But not anymore, after budgeting, even buying new stuffs are impossible, i need to buy secondhand goods. Because i realize, how hard to earn money.

In the beginning of July,

Budgeting becomes more vivid, how much should i pay for electricity, gas, and water. If i have 1200 watt heater and I want to use it for 12 hours a day, and the electricity price is progressive, how much should I pay per month ? Are you kidding me ? I’m a science students in high school, graduate with an A, and I don’t know shit about these. I remember they were teaching it, but i never applied it in my life. I never go around the house listing every item and counting how much electricity that our family use. Now I need it, but I forgot how to count it.

I still need to contact my parents asking them how to count this, so we can know how much money should they send me every month. And they are also struggling with it, they asked me to asked my friends that lived in downtown already.

Is it me that doing it wrong in high school ? despite graduating with an A, but I don’t understand anything? Or is the education system has so many flaws ?

That I feel like paying so much money for my school tuition is a waste.

I realized I have never been taught about these system, paying bills, rent a house, and many others. That are more important than knowing shit loads of math formulas, when i don’t even want to be a mathematician.

School supposed to prepare us for the real life, to make it easier. Well, parents should teach this they said. But my parents are so busy with work and that’s why they sent me to school, to get a proper education. I do learn how to be diligent in school, pay attention, never give up, try you best, make friends, and many others that are not graded. This makes me feels like it’s not important, it’s good to have those values in life, but grades are more important. Because when you fail, your parents will be called in school and you will be lectured at home.

Education is important indeed, in school you can find your best friends, learn about yourself ,and what you want to do in life. But I think they can definitely cut the cost, because so many things that were taught are not useful and not applicable in life. Which makes my 12 years of education did not worth the money and the time.

In my opinion, having a good grades are amazing, but don’t forget that there are so many things you don’t know yet about life out there. Be ready to face it and never give up.

Lots of Love,




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