Life of “Perantauan” Teen

*Perantauan means overseas in English ( according to google translate ), it’s an Indonesian word to express people that go outside their county and stay there for more than just travelling reasons ( in my opinion as a native speaker of Bahasa ).

And I’m one of them!

One of those group that called themselves as a “perantauan people”, I was born and raised in Indonesia for 17 years and I’m currently living in Japan for educational reasons, and most likely will stay for 4 years.

My life as a “Perantauan” teen is definitely not as easy as I thought.  It feels like being abducted and placed to a new world that everything is different, full of curiosity, but at the same time it’s scary. Going to another country with weird symbols and unknown alphabet, trying to take care of yourself by yourself, not being able to meet your families, your best friends is not coming with you, dealing with culture shocks, and I can keep going writing hundreds of reasons why it’s hard.

But somehow it went through, 3 months to go and it will be a whole year living in Japan. With all of the problems that I’ve been through I cannot express or even describe how much I have grown. Looking back to September 2016, when I was so naive,  judging everything from one point of view. I thought that my world is just like “that”, 17 years of keep learning, studying in school, getting bad grades and good grades, losing and winning, fights and sorry, I have been living in a loop for 17 years and life was boring.

I thought I knew everything, that even if i grew to a better person, nothing’s going to change, life is just a boring loop. But coming here and meeting so many different people from different countries, backgrounds, beliefs, views, it becomes unexpected. Life turns in a totally different direction. It’s not about good grades or bad grades, it’s not about losing or winning anymore. It tells me stories of human beings, histories, and experiences, that you could never learn unless you get out from your comfort zone. Like meeting new people, learning things you thought you hate, face your fears, and explore yourself.

It feels hard at the first time, but keep going, don’t give up. You will not regret because you tried your best. It doesn’t have to be a big step, like leaving you parents and go to another country. Try small ones, hopefully you can feel happier in your journey of life, because it’s only once.

I realize not a single second will repeat itself, but I’m the one that repeating what i do in every single second.

Lots of Love,



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