Annoying Neighbor pt. 2

Every night was so wonderful, but suddenly some annoying guys in dorm started to play music, screaming, and talking shit.

I know that living in dorm have their own consequences. From dealing with annoying people to accidentally listen to some secret sharing moment of your roommate. In dorms the walls are too thin or even non existence, but last night those annoying people just took disturbance to another level.

I was about to go to bed at 1 am after finishing all my homework, but suddenly I heard “DUB DUB DUB DUB DUB” follows with “HAHAHHAHHAHAHAH F**K YOU”. It was so loud that made me open the curtain and windows to start looking where the voices come from. Not knowing where is it, I complained to my Residence Assistant. They said they will tell the person to shut up, but after 30 minutes waiting, i can still hear the “DUB DUB DUB DUB”.

I was so frustrated, but I also don’t want to disturb my RA anymore. So I decided to deal with it by opening my windows looking at the dark of night, and trying to enjoy the music ( because I can’t sleep anyway ). But instead of enjoying it, I accidentally  listened to their conversations. And let me tell you what are they talking about,

“This education is s**t man, we have to take test”


” YEAH he has been an RA since he was young, he is your RA man”


” I don’t want to f**k you anymore!!”

I was recording the whole conversation ( but I’m not going to post it ), I was planning to upload it on my Instagram story, but after thinking about it maybe it’s not such a good decision. After 30 minutes listening to them talking about other and talking s**t, I loose my temper and I don’t enjoy the music anymore either. I went out from my room and walk around to find the noise source and report them to the security office. But, I ended up not finding the source, and assume that it doesn’t come from my building, but maybe the building across mine, which I’m not going to go there, it 3 am and I’m wearing pajama.

So I just wait, until 4 am and finally falling asleep because i’m too tired already. Not really sure when did the party over. But it resulted in a horrible headache in the morning.

I regret not screaming SHUT UP that night, not walking and searching in all of the hallway,t not disturbing my RA again to tell them that those person still making loud noises, and if there is next time ( which i hope not, because i’m entering my mid term exam week too ) I WILL DEFINITELY SCREAM SHUT UP AND FIND THEM.

I think it’s really important to not tolerate your sleeping quality.

Lots of Love,



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