How to Draw Human Face

Who is that girl i see staring strange back at me…

Well, usually I can draw, but this time I tried to rush it and it end up like this.


It looks humanly, but If i tell you I was trying to draw Zendaya, then you will see why this is a failure. But I’m still going to do this tutorial, sharing some of my tips that works (most of the time)

First of all, “my” rule of choosing picture

Personally, i think it is easier to draw if the picture is in black and white, eyes open, and non symmetrical face ( looking left/ right ). The most important one for me is black and white picture. I will edit my picture first before drawing, because it can helps you to know which area should be highlighted and shadowed. You don’t need to find an exact picture that have this criteria to start drawing, it’s just something i suggest if you want to practice.

Second, draw the rough sketch of the person

This part is just trying to locate where should you put the eyes, mouth, and how big is it. Make it fast and doesn’t have to be exact. By the time you start drawing, you will realize that something might need to be alter, and it’s okay, just keep paying attention of what you are drawing, and feel flexible to erase and redraw some parts.


Third, Fill it in

Fill the organs in, while correcting your mistakes.


Fourth, Put details on it

I like to start form the eyebrows first ( and keep saying “it’s on fleek!” *don’t judge* ), and then goes to the eyes, nose and mouth. Start to pay more attention on the lines of the lips, eye bags, eyelids, glabella, baby hair and ears. After that start to put some shadow, i like to use unsharpened pencil, so it will make it easier to sketch. For more details i use mechanical pencil and white gel pen for some highlight that can not be made by eraser. If you want to blend you can use eraser by putting a “tap tap” motion and pressing it gently around the shadow area.


Fifth, upload it on social media

Upload it to get some feedback and criticism that will make you realize what should i fix  or nice comment that encourage you to keep drawing. What ever it is, you already tried and you are a successful person, because you can finish a human face!

That’s all~ isn’t it looks easy ?

Lot’s of love,



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