Annoying Neighbor pt.1

Hi, my name is Crispyy ( not real ) and in front my house lives a very annoying grandmother. I have been keeping this story for the longest time possible, but i can’t hold it anymore. So, for the sake of my mental health, i’m going to share it here.

Probably around 1 year ago, a grandma moved to our neighborhood. She is moving with her daughter in-law and grandson. We had never talked much with the neighbors, but it can’t helped when you are a women that needs haircut. Eventually, at the salon, my mom and her daughter in-law met each other, and somehow became a good friend.

But, it seems like my mom did not only make one friend. The next day, this grandma came to our house, chatting with mom and dad. We really appreciate her, she looked like a very nice grandma. She told us story about her life when she was young, her struggle, and how she got through it. It was an amazing and inspiring story.

The best part is, she always bring some foods when she came to our house, and it is delicious. But 3 months had passed, and she finally finished her life story ( that was what i thought )

Then, She started her life story again from the beginning,…okay we get it, she forgot what she said, right ?

But the story continues for the rest of the year, 4 times LOOP ! I swear, every morning 8am- 12pm weekends and weekdays.


We tried to reject her, started from her foods ( politely of course , like, you don’t have to cook for us because you will feel tired and so on ), we just don’t want to make it seems like we have a responsibility to listen to her story, because she keeps bribing us. It worked, the foods didn’t come anymore, but sad story, she still comes. We tried to close our door, make it looks like no one’s home, still not working. She yells in front of our door. Makes us feel pity because she runs out of voice. She even told us that she feels so lonely and she just want to kill herself. A 70 years old grandma can actually have a mental problems too i guess.

Until this very moment, we as a whole a family haven’t found any way out yet. We wish we could find it soon, hopefully before the 5th loop, and before the 4 hours bed time story become 5.

If you have any suggestion, please tell me, your opinions are warmly accepted. Because we are driving crazy here.

Lots of Love,



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