Embrace Yourself

Hello! It’s been 2 months since i started my new life, in case you missed it, I moved to Japan to pursue my degree.

And now, i would share a little lesson that i learned in here.

I’m a mix blood, I ancestors come from many countries, but i never told my friend about it (although you can physically see it ). My reason for not telling them is because, I was taught so. In my hometown, being mix blood is not appreciated ( unless from a certain region that i’m not ), you can get bullied because it.

But now I’m in Japan, I go to an International University, where 50% of the students are international students. I decided to change the way of introducing myself, i let them know who i am, what languages can i speak, my hobby and how good am i on it. I tried to embrace myself.

The feedback is awesome. I thought they may see me as i’m bragging myself, but turns out I can make more friends 🙂


It remind me of this picture, “Not every place that you fit is where you belong”. I feel good about my hometown, i miss my friends and family there, i fit in there. But it might not be where i belong. But I would not say Japan is where i belong, I’m still 18 and there are a lot more to explore.

Maybe right now you are in the same situation as my past self. But don’t worry, It gets better 😀 . You control your life, when you think positively, it really gets better.

Lots of Love,



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