miss you so much


I haven’t posted anything in this blog for so loong! I really miss writing and sharing stories. But, can’t help it, because i’m going to Japan in 5 days! I’m going to pursue my degree there, so i need to do a lot of pre- assignments, packing , preparing, studying for placement test, and many more.


I just realized that there are a lot of stuffs i need to get it done before going to Japan. I have been spending my 5 months holiday in home doing basically nothing. And suddenly I realized there are just so much thing I haven’t done, now I spend my days with regret ,” What have I done all of these months,” .

My friends told me the other day, that they are scared to go now. I haven’t thought about that before, mine is just filled with excitement. I have never once thought that it would be scary to live on our own alone in another country that I haven’t once visited yet. But now i realized. I become more aware now, but also think I don’t need to know that it will be scary.

The other day  I was perfectly fine, until my friend make me worry about life. So, moral of the day, sometimes there are things that are better if  you don’t know. It’s like a bird learning how to fly. The mother bird will push their kids down from the nest and the kids will fly eventually. they don’t need to know what is below or is it scary or not, at the end of the day we all will fly~

I guess, that is my update for now. See you in the next blog which will definitely my dorm room and Japan!


Lots of Love,



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