My Thoughts on Feminism

I am a Feminist.  

*Disclaimer : this is what i thought about feminism and i will give links to support my opinion, but if you don’t agree with me, it’s okay ( I am going to make you understand but I am not going to force you to understand ). Just hopefully you can become more informed about this community. 

Let’s start with the basic knowledge, what is feminism ?

According to google when you search what is feminism, that is the answer. And what i want to highlight is “equality to men”. Feminism is not women being superior to men. Feminism is about equality. No matter who you are if you believe women should have the same rights as men, then you are a feminist. As i quoted from

 What is feminism

So next question you probably wondering,” So, women don’t have the same rights as men?” 

The answer is , yes they don’t. And these are the proves : 

1. 14 ways women aren’t equal to men :

2. Women are better off today, but still far from being equal with men:

3. If you think men and women are already equal :

Okay, so you now know that men are women aren’t treated equally. So, the next thing is what should you do with this facts? Maybe you think, “okay, i know they are not equal, but i so what? I don’t care. I’m perfectly fine right now,”. Truth is, even if you don’t get affected, that doesn’t mean this thing is not happening and you should do nothing.

Because no one get to chose their genitalia. They were born with it. And just because ” i was born with it ” i get treated differently from others and that’s considered  “normal”. Which is honestly, it’s not normal. For example, you were born to hate certain type of flavour, and just because of that, your boss paid you less then others that like that flavour. Is that still normal to you ? 

It’s not all about the money, women not only paid less than men. But also being stereotyped with weak, slut, created only for make kids, and many more. That leads to more criminal cases like rape and robbery happened to women. I’m not trying to say that this doens’t happen to men. Men also got robbed and raped sometimes. But the difference in numbers are huge. 

So, now we know things are wrong. What can we do, i also asked myslef what can i do ? I’m not going to run in my neighborhood saying “RULE FEMISIM” they are going to think i’m crazy. So the best thing that i could do right now is spreading knowledge about what is feminism and why we need it to people around me and you! 

What if feminism and feminist didn’t exist ? Well, we will go back in time where women can not work, only stay at home to raise kids and cook, women are raped and assaulted by her husband, women do not have rights to speak up, women can not choose their partners, women need to be married at a very young age ( because they are considerd only ro make babies ), women can not have rights to divorce her husband. So for those women that said they don’t feminism. Do you really want to go back to this time ? 

Is it wrong for woman just stay at home, cook meals, raise kids, love her husband ? Of course not! If that’s what the women want to be. But not to mention, there are bunch of women out there including me who have big dreams. I want to be a boss in a big company. And you might think ” well, go ahead why not,” I wish it was that easy.

The truth is, because I am a women it is not that easy. Because people still think that women are incapable for leading, emotionally unstable, and less-intellegent. Which is not always true, but this kind of things hold me back from my true potiential. And not only me but also other women out there that are independent, strong willed, and smart. 

Women need feminism, but what impact that it gives to men? Do men need to be a feminst ? The answer is yes 

If you look at the chart above, tou might notice in some sectors, women are treated better than men. And once again feminism is about EQUALITY. So feminsim and feminist is also in action not only to raise women’s rights but also man rights if it is not equal. 

Why feminism is great for men :

So, yes men need feminism. And men can be a feminist. Even though women are prone to be treated worse than men. But in some sectors men do treated worse than women, and with femnisim, feminists are going to make it equal. There will be no stereotype of genders, anyone can be anyting that they want with equal opportunities. 

And there are no in between. If you are not a feminist, then you are a sexist. Because if you say you don’t care. So, you don’t care if men and women have the same rights? You mean, you are okay if women get stereotyped that makes them can’t achive thier full potential, or men get stereotyped that they can’t express themselves?  Well, that’s a sexist. 

Here is a link to make it clearer :

I know there are “feminazi” put there, but that’s definitely no feminism. Hopefully you won’t get mixed up anymore. 

Thank you for reading,

Lots of Love,



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